Hibrow's Curators
are exceptional individuals and cultural organisations invited from around the globe and across the arts. Each curator chooses their own projects to share with Hibrow's audience and works with Hibrow's production teams to produce them and distribute.

World Book Night

World Book Night is an amazingly ambitious project that launched in the UK this year and saw 20,000 people volunteer to share that incredibly simple experience of gifting a book with 48 non or light readers to share the joy and love of reading. In total 1 million books (40,000 copies of 25 specially chosen and printed titles) were gifted across the UK and Ireland on street corners, on buses and trains, in cafes, pubs, bars, village halls, arts centres, libraries and bookshops and in prisons, hospitals and workplaces of some of the hardest to reach non-readers. In addition tens of thousands of passionate book lovers gathered at events around the country to celebrate books and reading, including the largest book event ever held in the UK in Trafalgar Square which saw almost 8000 people gather to hear readings by authors including John le Carre, Margaret Atwood, Alan Bennett, David Nicholls and celebrities ranging from Nick Cave, Stanley Tucci and Rupert Everett to Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

World Book Night's founder, Jamie Byng invited HiBROW to capture the inaugural World Book Night event and supervised HiBROW's access to separate intimate interviews, conducted by Kirsty Lang, with a plethora of the world's greatest living authors including Margaret Atwood, Philip Pullman, DBC Pierre and Monica Ali.