Hibrow's Curators
are exceptional individuals and cultural organisations invited from around the globe and across the arts. Each curator chooses their own projects to share with Hibrow's audience and works with Hibrow's production teams to produce them and distribute.

Sarah Shalgosky

Sarah Shalgosky has been the curator of the University of Warwick’s Mead Gallery, situated in Warwick Arts Centre since 1993. Under Sarah’s direction, the Mead shows a programme of contemporary and modern art which is of national significance, and is particularly known for its commissioning of new work. She is one of Britain's most respected curators and has been Curator at the University of Warwick since 1993. Given this context, her curatorial practice focuses on commissioning works of art for installation in academic departments and across the university landscape and developing relationships between artists and research centres.
Sarah curated The Indiscipline of Painting exhibition in collaboration with Daniel Sturgis and Martin Clark, which is a mainstay of HiBROW's inaugural fine art programming.