Hibrow's Curators
are exceptional individuals and cultural organisations invited from around the globe and across the arts. Each curator chooses their own projects to share with Hibrow's audience and works with Hibrow's production teams to produce them and distribute.

Dominic Dowbekin

After graduating from King's College London in 2007, Dominic, an accomplished classical and jazz musician, toured with the electronic pop group, ColouringIN - an experience that immersed him in the European contemporary music and art scene. He soon developed a desire to make films.

A chance meeting with Don Boyd in 2009 offered Dominic the prospect of working with one of the film industry's most respected figures, who was beginning to set up HiBROW. While working with Boyd on several of HiBROW's recent productions, Dominic began to access his own considerable network of young contemporary artists, musicians, filmakers and writers and has begun to curate and produce for HiBROW. His first important contribution is a series of six brilliantly reviewed jazz and experimental music sessions featuring some of Poland's most provocative new wave musicians.


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