Prince Harry "Libiamo ne' lieti calici"

Starring Mat Carter as Prince Harry performing to ‘Libiamo’ from La Traviata: Verdi


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Starring Mat Carter as Prince Harry 

Created and Directed by Alison Jackson

Produced by Don Boyd

Executive Producers Dominic Dowbekin and Alexa Pearson

Curated by Patrick Dickie

Music Director Henry Bennett

Choreography Andy Turner

Dancers: Katie Monks, Hannah Rose, Lauren Barton, Francis Foreman, Alex Tranter, David Benjamin 

With Special Thanks to Said El Turk, GEMS Education and Dino Varkey

Art Direction: Natasha Cheek

Production: Elizabeth Carmody

Production Manager: Dom Martin

Lighting Design: Richard Williamson

Technical Stage Manager: Sarah Danielle Ward

Assistant Choreography: Gaz Davies

Costume and Stylist: Karen Lewis

Props: Mark Revill

Seamstress: Sophie Smith, Sophie Prudence

Photography Assistant: Alex Gudmestad, Andrew Bailey, Mark Sims-Howlett

Editors: Michael McHugh, Ryan Chapman

Graphic Design: Hayley Warnham

Multi Camera Direction: Pati Marr

Cameras: Daniel Gil Fresneda, Lukasz Kulec, Julie Bills, Keith Bowman, Paul McGuire

Vision Mixing Supervisor: John E Fry

Vision Mixing Assistant: Peter McCulloch

Sound Supervisor: Liam Abel

Sound Assistant: Jo Leggat

Post Production Supervisor: Jerry Ramsbottom

Runners: Torran McEwan, Laura Maniura


Special thanks to Katie Lowe, Robert McDowell, Rupert Thompson, Heather Cameron, Jen White and all the staff and crew at Summerhall.

Starring Mat Carter as Prince Harry performing to &lsq
uo;Libiamo’ from La Traviata: Verdi
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